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Vanguard Podcast Network Professional Services
All of our services are available separately or as part of a custom-created package to fit the needs of your show. Production can be done episode by episode or as part of a recurring monthly plan. Scroll down to check out a more detailed overview of our offerings.

Podcast Producer: 

Oversee Production

Oversee the production of episodes and pitch in fresh ideas for shows, including providing a high-level knowledge of podcasts and episode concepts.

Guest Research and Scheduling

Look for guests or influencers who can share their expertise or experiences based on the episode’s topic to increase the number of podcast followers.

Direction and Editing

Work on all aspects of the audio production, including, recording, editing, and even the publication of each episode to produce first-rate quality audio

Team Leader

Provide support to the host and team throughout the conceptualization and production process. Provide reports and track episodes relevant to the upcoming one.

Production Services:


Production Consultation - to help you get the best audio at the source and properly handle the recording process.

Equipment Recommendations and Setup Help



Recording consultation including software needs


Audio Editing

Mistake/Error Removal

Removing excessive uses of "umm", "like", etc...

Shortening of gaps in speech

Cleanup of moments where multiple people speak over each other

Content Editing to tighten episodes or reach desired episode lengths

Adding Sponsor Reads/Ads to episode

Adding Intro/Outro Sequences

Audio Enhancement/Mixing

Improving Audio Quality (EQ, Compression, De-Verb, etc…)

Background Noise Removal

Matching Volume Levels/Sound Quality/Tonality of Multiple Guests/Hosts

Sound Design - Adding Music, SFX, and Source Audio to episode content

Mastering to Broadcast Standard

Publishing Episodes

Additional Services
Below are other services we offer in addition to our main Podcast Production Services



30 - 60 second trailer to launch the podcast

Intro & Outro Creation
Whether you just need a brief musical sequence to introduce your episodes, or a more full-featured intro with music, SFX, and voice-over, we can craft the perfect intro and outro for your show.

Stock or Original Music - License existing tracks or have an original track custom created for your show

Voice-Over Casting - we'll present different voice options for your approval

Copywriting - we'll help write the copy to introduce and close out your show, so your listeners keep coming back for more

Sound Design - We'll craft a unique sonic identity for your show with sound effects to pull your listeners in

Multiple/Alternate Versions - we can deliver several versions of your intro/outro sequences, for use in different situations and episodes.


Show Notes & Transcription Services

Having a show notes page for your podcast episodes creates a home that you can send your listeners to, to find links to things discussed on the show, and additional resources, and further promote your brand and any sponsors you may have. Transcriptions of your episodes also allow your audience to refer back to specific content and search the text for useful information. It's a great way to increase the value and professionalism of your podcast.

Video Versions

We can deliver video versions of your episodes, featuring your podcast logo while the episode plays - allowing you to expand the reach of your podcast to Youtube and other video platforms.


Sponsor Ad/Commercial Production

Increase the value of advertising on your podcast, by offering your sponsors fully produced ads. We can write copy as well as add music, SFX, and VO, and professionally mix your sponsor reads for an incredibly professional presentation of sponsorship placements that won't detract from your show and the listener experience.


Podcast Website Creation

Every podcast should have a "home" where it can live online. In addition to being distributed through the big podcasting platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, etc... it's also important to have a central hub where people can listen to the show, find show notes for each episode, learn more about the host or company behind the podcast, and more. VPN Pro Services can help you create a beautiful website to give your show the home it deserves online.

Submit your produced Fiction Podcast, concept or unproduced Script for VPN's consideration.

Think you have a fiction podcast, concept or unproduced script to add to our network of fiction audio podcasts? Email for further details.

Script development, writing, & adaptations

VPN has skilled audio scriptwriters to help you:

Reimagine your web or tv series in audio

Develop your fiction audio concept into a podcast series or short 

Adapt your short story into a full production audio experience


Learn best practices for identifying and developing characters, writing dialogue, sound effects, soundscape cues, and music. Discover how to write efficient production notes, cast voice actors, and facilitate efficient rehearsals. Schedule a consultation to start your fiction podcast.

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