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The Vanguard Podcast Network is an audio storytelling platform for and about people of the African Diaspora. At our network, all Black lives and stories matter regardless of age, politics, sexual and/or gender identities, religion, nationality, etc.


If we learned anything in the last decade - it’s how important it is to tell our own stories, in our own voices, and from our own lived experiences. By crafting and disseminating our personal narratives through audio we have discovered a freedom that will carry us into the next century.


If you’ve lived long enough to form a sentence you, have a story to tell AND it matters. Vanguard Podcast Network produces non-fiction and fiction podcasts that showcase our diverse identities, experiences, and perspectives.


At VPN we don’t subscribe to single stories or monolithic narratives and while it’s true that we have relatable stories, they are not and can never be the same. Your story is your fingerprint and deserves to be told in your own words.


Our mission is to present stories that center identity and experiences in all their forms (Who are you? What do you want people to know about your life? Why your story matters.)

VPN Storytelling
The Network

Vanguard Podcast Network

The Vanguard Podcast Network is the Ultimate Listening Party centering on contemporary experiences and stories around the world.

Vanguard Original podcasts are collections of audio series, narratives, and shorts, exploring the present-day realities and modern lifestyles of Black people.


The Why



Make it easy for new and existing listeners to discover your podcast! Explore episodes through network website and free apps on Apple and Android, or listen in your connected car through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Grow your audience by cross-promoting with similar target audience shows on our network. Afros & Audio, The Vanguard Podcast Network, and all network podcasts will promote your episodes through our email communications and social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Join our Vanguard Podcast Network fund which includes free and discounted podcast-related services and training. 


In addition, the Vanguard Podcast Network creatives will have an opportunity to generate income through ad revenue sharing.


To learn more reach out to


Get to know other podcast creatives, sound engineers, studios, producers, voice actors, and editors on our network through our private forum! This is a great way to collaborate and support each other while staying updated on the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, VPN, and industry news.


Learn about the best practices and techniques to improve your podcast through our webinars, in-person training, and sponsored attendance at various podcast-related events. We also provide training and instructional videos as needed to help support our members.


Let’s simplify podcasting! We give you access to effective tools, equipment, and partnerships that save time and money. Our members also benefit from special discounts and group rates for podcast-related products and services.

PRO Services

VPN is fully staffed and equipped to handle your recording, production, and publishing needs. Record your podcast remote or in-person (NJ/NY residents) with a Rode Rodecaster Podcast Pro. Visit our Pro Services Page and contact to learn more.

The Community
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