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The Impact of Stories for your Organization

There are few (if any) other forms of communication as effective as storytelling at reaching people where they are emotionally and intellectually. People's thoughts, feelings, and actions can all be affected by a well-told story.

Humans have an innate need to connect with narratives and have a much easier time remembering a gripping story than they do a list of dry statistics.

The "language processing" region of the brain lights up when we hear numbers or facts, but many more regions light up when we hear a story. This is why anecdotes can be so powerful in a variety of contexts, including but not limited to: fundraising, awareness-raising, volunteer mobilization, trust-building, and so much more. And this is especially true for nonprofits, which are, in a sense, in the "business" of stories, changing the world one story at a time. In many cases, the "raw material" for compelling impact stories is already available to nonprofits in the form of individual stories of grit, optimism, and fresh starts.

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What Can You Expect?

Vanguard Podcast Network has the capabilities to ideate, develop, and launch your podcast. If you are a non-profit organization that is ready to incorporate a podcast into your marketing and fundraising efforts this service is for you. 


Our mission is to create a platform for impactful storytelling. If you are a growth-focused organization, your future success depends on how well you shape and share your story. VPN will collaborate with your team to learn what impact stories your organization will tell, strategize on development, and manage the launch plan. We will consult and/or train your team from pre to post-production and distribution. Our podcast service includes an engagement of six months and 10 produced episodes.

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Step 1: Strategy

During the first month, we learn about your organization and review the other podcasts in your niche to ensure your podcast stands out in the market. Next, we determine and propose the positioning of the show along with the episode structure with the aim of attracting an audience that will be moved to action. 

Once your organization approves the concept, we will move into designing the visual and audio identity of the podcast, identifying the hosts and/or story narrators, defining the audience avatar(s), and creating a recording and release schedule. 

Step 2: Launch

Once your podcast is in the pre-production phase we will begin launch planning. 

Your podcast will have:

  • Tangible Goals

  • A Clear Identity

  • Quality Audio

  • Immersive Sound Design

  • A Launch Strategy

  • A Distribution Plan

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Step 3: Growth Plan

Before your organization's podcast is launched we will determine a hosting platform that can provide services aligned with your goals, and your publishing frequency. 

We will iterate your pre and post-production formula until the last day of VPN's engagement and 
walk you through opportunities for:

  • Repurposing your content for a greater reach and various audiences

  • Testing promotional and marketing methods*

  • Train up to 3 members of your team with the skillsets required for podcast growth and success*

  • Designing a listener conversion strategy

  • Determining the best process for reaching partners, volunteers, and donors

  • Streamlining your mission-driven message

*Marketing and Training is an additional cost.

NonProfit Storytelling Made for Optimum Impact

If you have an organization and want to generate a more qualified pipeline in a specific mission-focused niche or create a new event experience with your organization's podcast centerstage. Then we strongly suggest that you click the button below, enter a few details, and let our team initiate the discovery and development process of your organization's greatest communication tool yet. 

The NonProfit Podcast Production Service

We are an audio storytelling podcast production company that is dedicated to production skillset training*, launching, and growing impactful podcasts. We work together to identify your storytelling mission to ensure it reaches the "right" ears.

Microphone Sound Editing

Global & Remote freelance audio professionals 

We are a team of podcast professionals prepared to  provide efficient and cost-effective podcast services 

VPN's Non-Profit Services only focus on one goal and strategy

We aim to launch impactful

Non-Profit podcasts that attract donors and supporters

Mobile Phone

Non-Profit growth through

on-demand audio

Debut your organization's podcast at your next event. 

Drive traffic to the podcast from multiple distribution platforms

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