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Vanguard Podcast Network (VPN) is a fiction and non-fiction storytelling platform.



VPN welcomes the voices of the African Diaspora. Our goal is to record and publish real people and skilled storytellers that reflect the diversity of the diasporic human experience. Learn more about our entertainment value and mission here.

StoryTeller CASTING

We are only accepting Storytellers via our online Casting Management System below. Casting interview dates are April 3rd & 10th for the following topics:





















Pandemic Dating

Finding love can be challenging under the best of circumstances — imagine trying to do it in a pandemic! being alone and working remotely has made some singles more determined than ever to find a match, and left some more content with their unattachments.

I am a Black Doula

Hear the stories of doulas who bring the unborn into the living world, while caring and advocating for black women who deserve adequate healthcare and support in having a successful birth.



Black gamers rarely get a chance to talk about their love and passion for games in the media/press and are rarely given any recognition in mainstream gaming conversations. It's time that changes, as Black Gamers are finding freedom and joy in Video and TableTop Gaming.

Black & Transgender

Some human experiences still require truth, balance, and respect; listen up. Hear stories from Transgender people living, loving, and navigating the world like everyone else. No matter the experience, there are no single stories, hear from individuals willing to tell theirs.

Hi, My Name is...

Black people have some of the most unique names in the world. Hear the stories of people whose unique names have impacted their lives positively or negatively. some names have googleable meanings and some have familial meaning.  Let's explore, What's in a name? 

Casting Call

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Vanguard Podcast Network does not own the rights to any podcast not created by VPN. Our mission is to centralize fiction and storytelling podcasts on our site and App (coming soon). VPN Podcasts will be highlighted on the VanguardPN site and link out to all other listening platforms of the podcast creator(s) choosing.


Contributor Incentives 

Contributors will receive Afros & Audio Podcast Festival and Vanguard Podcast Network news, discounted and free services, and exclusive festival and network perks.


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