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What is the Vanguard Podcast Network (VPN)?

The Vanguard Podcast Network brought to you by Afros & Audio, LLC is a fiction and storytelling audio platform. Our growing podcast network is dedicated to Black podcast creatives of scripted and unscripted audio entertainment. Our platform includes personal storytelling and scripted audio of all genres.


Who is the Vanguard Podcast Network (VPN) for?

Black Podcast Creatives, Storytellers, Voice Actors, Audio Engineers, and Scriptwriters who are looking for a community of support, resources, and opportunity.


In addition, we offer a full-service network of black-owned and operated podcast-related services, including but not limited to audio recording, social media, skill training, script development, talent casting, advertisement, pre and post-production, and peer-to-peer resources. 

How can I signup to be a recorded storyteller for VPN's podcast(s)?

Submit your name and interest in our Storyteller Submission Form

How can I submit a treatment or fiction audio for the VPN Platform?

Send an email to to schedule a meeting to discuss the opportunity and logistics.

Can I be a VPN Storyteller or submit a podcast or concept if I don't identify as Black?

The mission of the Vanguard Podcast Network is to showcase and be a source of support, resources, stories, and perspectives for and by African diasporic creatives. Note, that published audio is at the discretion of our agency submission review team.


Can I submit my existing podcast to The Vanguard Podcast Network?

Yes, as long as they meet our specifications. VPN is looking for fiction podcasts and specifically autobiographical nonfiction that details the Black experience from a unique perspective or underrepresented topic. Please see our Submission FAQ for more information.

Can I submit a pilot episode?

Yes, you can submit a scripted or unscripted audio pilot and written episode treatment to be considered for the Vanguard Podcast Network. Please see our Submission FAQ for more information.

Can I submit more than one title?

Submit as many titles as you have to offer.

Can I submit a video?

The Vanguard Podcast Network is strictly audio however podcasts with a companion YouTube, Venmo, etc. channel is able to link out from the network. The Vanguard Podcast Network does not accept web series.


Google is an awesome resource for uploading your audio files to YouTube.

How long should my audio files be?

​We recommend a max audio listening experience of 45 minutes. Longer audio files can be split into parts. For example, a 50-minute episode, narrative or short should be submitted as Part 1 (25 minutes) and Part 2 (25 minutes).

When will the audio files I submitted appear on the site?

The Vanguard Podcast Network's official launch is scheduled for Spring 2021. This launch will include all selected audio. All contributors will be notified within 7-14 days prior to publication.

How will I know if my audio will be published on the site?

You will be notified if:

Your podcast is selected for the Spring 2021 launch

Your podcast is of interest but has editorial recommendations

Your podcast has not been selected for the Spring 2021 launch but will be featured at a later date


What if I miss the deadline?

There isn't a deadline. Submit your podcast for consideration at any time.

Does my audio have to exist exclusively on the Vanguard Podcast Network?

No, the mission of Afros and Audio is to shine a spotlight on Black podcasts. While creators can choose to use VPN as the only platform for their audio, we encourage the use of other platforms, such as Spotify, Google Play, YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

Can I hire the Vanguard Podcast Network service providers for podcast development?

Yes, for-hire producers, editors, writers, sound engineers, and voice actors are available at affordable rates. Please see VPN's Pro Services for more information.

How do I become a voice actor for VPN fiction shows?

If you're an aspiring or established voice actor, add your contact info to the forum for consideration for both VPN shows. Please note that the forum is public and you may be contacted by non-VPN shows.

Can I hire a voice actor through VPN?

Yes, for-hire voice actors are listed in our forum.


What is the Forum and who is it for?

The Forum is an exclusive VPN platform for storytellers, podcast creatives, audio professionals, and listeners to discuss:

  • All things podcast

  • Build community 

  • Share resources

  • Provide indirect and direct support

  • Discover audio engineering and production services

  • Discover and hire voice actors 

  • Receive concept and script feedback

  • Listener reviews and discussions

Visit The Forum and start or jump into the cipher.


What is the African Diaspora?

The African Diaspora includes people of African descent, who navigated and migrated throughout the world 1,000s of years ago, and the scattering of African people during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade beginning in the 15th century.

What is scripted audio/audio play?

Believe it or not, there was a time when television and YouTube didn't exist. What did we do for entertainment, you ask? People sat around a radio and listened to dramas, thrillers, comedies, etc. while their imagination created the characters and scenes. The voices and SFX reverberating from the speakers were truly the ultimate listening experience. The Vanguard Podcast Network aims to bring this medium of storytelling back.

Is VPN an app?

Coming soon. Stay tuned for a VPN App, currently in development for Apple & Android devices.

What is a Creative Commons License?

A Creative Commons (CC) license is one of several public copyright licenses that enable the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted work. A CC license is used when an author wants to give people the right to share, use, and build upon a work that he/she has created.

How is Afros & Audio Podcast Festival affiliated with the Vanguard Podcast Network?

Afros & Audio, LLC is a registered legal company. The Vanguard Podcast Network creatives attend all Afros & Audio events and our annual festival at a discount for storytellers and for free if a VPN Podcaster. Priority opportunities will be available to speak and/or vend.

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