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Vintage Entertainment meets New Media

Audio Entertainment


Make it easy for new and existing listeners to discover your podcast! Explore episodes through network website and free apps on Apple and Android, or listen in your connected car through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


Grow your audience by cross-promoting with similar target audience shows on our network. Afros & Audio will also promote your episodes through our weekly newsletter and social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Join our ad revenue sharing program to be paired with advertisers with products and services specifically for your audience. We help fund your show, and we also pay your podcast hosting fees.


Get to know other podcast creatives, sound engineers, studios, producers and editors on our network through our private Slack group! This is a great way to stay updated on podcasting news, and connect with our community focused on similar goals.


Learn about the best practices and techniques to improve your podcast through our webinars, in-person training, and sponsored attendance at various podcast-related events. We also provide training and instructional videos as needed to help support our members.


Let’s simplify podcasting! We give you access to effective tools, equipment, and partnerships that save time and money. Our members also benefit from special discounts and group rates for podcasting products and services.

New Media

Submission Guidelines for adding your existing Audio Fiction or Storytelling Podcast to VPN

(VPN recommends sending an NDA prior to submission)
Send an email to and include:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Genre

  • Podcast links

    • Submit an existing link or upload your submission(s) as MP3 or WAV file(s)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a review and response.

Submission Guidelines for VPN production of your Fiction or Storytelling Concept 

(VPN recommends sending an NDA prior to submission)

Send an email to and include:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Script

  • Treatment

    • List of Characters and brief descriptions

    • Plot and applicable subplots

    • Genre

    • Location

    • Format (Series, Limited Series, Short)

Please allow 1-2 weeks for a review and response. If submitting a podcast concept that requires script development, producing, casting, production, etc. please note that service fees are associated and certain requirements will apply contact for more information.

Available Podcast Services for Production (including Pre & Post Production)
Please see our available
Pro Services and inquire at for rates. 


Please note that a service agreement between the audio owner(s) and Afros & Audio, LLC must be completed prior to services.



Why Audio Series

For the past several years, web series have taken over and proven to be a dope opportunity for up and coming actors, writers, producers, directors, etc. to show off their talents to an audience without the help or politics of Hollywood. Unfortunately, due to market saturation a lot of great shows aren’t getting the recognition they deserve and are underrated from lack of visibility.

Major benefits for creating fictional audio entertainment and featuring your content on

  • Reach a new and broader fan base

  • Link to your SoundCloud, YouTube, Spotify etc. account and retain likes, shares, and followers.

  • Keep the rights to your series

  • Creative freedom

  • Cost-efficient and low maintenance production

  • Access professional services for script consulting, engineering, promotional and marketing needs

  • Gain exposure through our Afros & Audio Listening Mixers and Parties

  • Join a lit and ever growing community of passionate writers, directors, actors, engineers and producers



Why African Diaspora stories

Our stories are important and deserve to be heard by any means necessary.

Before television, during the 1920s, 30s, and 40s, radio was the dominant entertainment medium. Needless to say Black and Brown voices were non-existent in this space because of #racism.


The mission of Afros and Audio is to fill a library, much like, The Generic Radio Workshop, of Black and Brown voices in scripted audio entertainment. This is a challenging yet trailblazing endeavor. Most creatives have never thought to create scripted audio or adding voice and theatrical effects to their short stories. This platform is an opportunity to demystify the process and produce great bodies of work that will transcend generations.



Submit to Afros & Audio

If you are interested in submitting a completed series, short, or narrative to Afros & Audio please read the Guidelines and use the Submission form.

If you have an existing podcast and would like to add it to the Afros & Audio Platform contact to learn how.


If you have an idea for a series, short or narrative but don’t know how to start, check out the Help page and/or sign-up for the training workshop.


Let Afros & Audio help bring your dope idea from a concept between your ears to the ears of your listeners.

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